Welcome Bot Farmers :)

In this page we will try to lead you through small but big world of Bot!

To guide you through the bot world, first you need to learn main things we are talking about in here. To understand the essence of bot you need to understand the "wording" we use in our explanations!

In alphabetical order we are starting with main terms we use in our daily "bot business":

  • AMF

Action Message Format (AMF) is used to send messages between an Adobe Flash client in your game, and a remote service. Farmville communicates with Farmville servers using the AMF (Action Message Format). This is why when you get the message: There Was An Error: BAD AMF REPLY (OOS?) your bot will stop the current action it is performing, until the connection is established again. In simple terms it is a way your game communicates with the Zynga servers.

  • Assets

These are mainly pictures and images that are used in the game, and are needed for many of the plugins. They are also needed to run your Bot successfully and especially so that you do not get false readings and or information in the Bot

  • Bot

The Bot is an internet robot, which runs as a software application that performs your tasks automatically. At the moment there are two main Bots FarmvilleBot and fBX. Typically Bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone.

  • Bug

A bug refers to an error, fault or flaw in either a computer program or hardware system. It produces unexpected and sometimes chaotic results or causes a system to behave unexpectedly. In short it is any behaviour or result that a program or system may get that it was not designed to do.

  • Developer

A developer is a person who through his expertise and talents makes and codes plugins that are used in the Bots, without them we would be lost.

  • Dummy account

This is a fake or second FB account with Farmville this can helps us playing the game, we can level up this account to build up it’s farmcash and send things such as unwither rings to our main account. It is also very useful to share parts or materials we may need or to share in groups via the dummy account.

  • Enhanced...

When the game has been Enhanced this usually means the game developers have either just fixed some game problems, or have expanded the game either with new items, features, quests or other elements. This is similar to when you reboot your PC they have in fact rebooted their servers after making changes. Which will ultimately improve the game.

  • Glitch

A glitch is vulnerability in the game such as Farmville, it’s  like a hole in their defences. This can be exploited by plugin developers to allow people to do things like make chosen animals from babies or multi harvest single buildings. Once a glitch is patched the relevant plugin will no longer work.

  • Main Bot Folder

This is the main folder for your bot on your hard drive, usually it is located directly in your C drive and not in program files the path is usually C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1. Parsers are always downloaded or extracted directly into this folder. Plugins however are extracted to C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\Plugins 

  • Mediafire/DropBox/DropItemCodes

Mediafire/DropBox/DropItemCodes is a free file sharing and image hosting web site. It is used by plugin developers to store and share their plugins. They simply upload their chosen file to Mediafire, then publish the link in help groups making them available to bot users for them to download and use. It is a quick simple and effective way of storing and sharing files, making them available to large audiences simultaneously.

  • Patched

Patched means that the game developers have discovered and fixed their vulnerability, for example applied a patch to the hole to prevent the bot from working on that particular glitch. 

  • Plugin

These are a set of small programs that run in the bot, they perform the   tasks such as harvesting orchards, visiting neighbours, making trees, placing seeds, selling or moving things from your gift box or several other tasks. A full list of plugins and their uses is being developed by us.

  • Parser

This is major file that is vital for the running your Bots, it is in essence a small program that runs in the Bot and is also important for plugin  developers  to use  for when they will operate and develop plugins.

  • Seeder

A seeder can be animal or tree that would be necessary in many glitch plugins. They are called seeders because they are usually used in large quantities by these plugins to perform tasks like harvesting orchards or animal buildings. Seeders for glitches generally need to be ripe or ready on the farm.

  • Ripe

The definition of ripe is that the animal, tree or building is ready for harvest, 100 %

  • TeamViewer

Also known as TV, this is remote assistance software that allows someone to log into your PC over the internet from anywhere in the world. They can then assist you with any problems you may have.

  • Token

As in refresh token in FVBOT, this refers to an access token, it is a random string of characters that provides temporary, secure access to Facebook, like a secondary password. A token identifies a user, app or page session and provides information about granted permissions. They also include information about when a token will expire and which app generated the token. The bot uses this to access your Facebook account, and therefore your game. Please note: You should "NEVER" include your token in any screenshots you publish when you ask for help. With this information it would be possible for some people with the right knowledge to decompile the information access and hack your account.

  • XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a mark-up language used by the bot that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable (Bot) It is defined in the XML. The design goals of XML emphasise simplicity, generality, and usability over the internet, It is a textual data format with strong support via Unicode for the languages of the world.

  • Zynga
Zynga is a provider of social game services founded in July 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco California. The company develops social games that work stand alone on mobile phone platforms such as Apple IOS, Android and on the Internet through its website, Zynga.com, and social networking websites such as Facebook Zynga states its mission as "Connecting the world through games. The company was named in honour of Zynga, CEO Mark Pincus’s late American Bulldog. Mark Pincus has become a multi-millionaire through our addiction to this game.

Hope you will enjoy stay with us...

Yours A~R~A Team :)