Here is the last Version Parser&Settings 22405 (AutoUpdate)

What is Parser:

Parser is a major file that is vital for running your Bots.. It is essence of a small program that runs in the Bot, and is also important for any plugin developer to use when they operate and developer plugins.

Parser files contains main functions of the game, as also contains many other actions which are needed for your bot to work. Like the addresses of downloading game files and etc.

Updates are made for reason! Every user should make sure to follow original parser&settings update.. We play a moving game, and there is no stabile thing in it!

If you have the latest versions of Parser&Settings, then any other new "official" version you will need to update through your bot..

How to use AutoUpdate options, read here (click on image):

For those users who are using parser and settings below version 22402a. it is highly recommended to download latest version manually!

How to download latest version:

Click here to download your latest Parser and Settings!

How to extract after download!

1. Find the file where the browser has downloaded it, double click on it:

2. WinRar (or winZip) archive will open. You will see the files. All you need to do is extract the files in your C drive (if user has bot on some other drive, then will extract there, always make sure you extract the file to the drive where the folder of FarmvilleBot is... only to that drive not to folder!)

Press OK to extraction!
If unpacker program asks you to replace all existing files, you need to click YES TO ALL!

After you unpacked correctly your Parser and Settings, you may now open bot, and refresh your data in Settings!