Seeder module will allow you to plow, plant, harvest your crops on your farm.

It is not a glitch, it is module which will allow you all actions with crops which are usually available on farm, do do via bot..

Seeder Module Contains 3 Tabs


1. General Settings + Harvest Specific Tab 

2. Cycle mode:

3. SeedLists:

Tab 1: General Settings+Harvest Specific

Equipment + Method of Farmwork 

In this part of Seeder you are choosing with which method you will work with your crops..

If you check Disable Farmwork (and save settings) all your work will be disabled.. Before disabling was done if you closed the tab Seed, now, you can always have it open with disabling option.

You can choose to work with No Vehicles (work without vehicles, means you are not spending your fuel), or with Vehicles (Tractor, Seeder, Harvester) which will allow you do single actions like plowing only, or planting only and etc, or you can choose to use Combine vehicle which will allow you do combine your crops (in one click harvest, plow and plant the desired crop).

Usually If you choose Combine, note that it will work only if you entered the seed to plant. Also note that button Harvest after combine means that if there are ready crops to harvest on farm he will harvest those too...

If you check combine, and option to harvest if not all crops being proceeded, now you are able only to harvest with combine, even when your seedlist is empty.

 If you have chosen to Ignore Seeder Rewards - the Module will not show rewards in your log nor he will create them, it will ignore completely rewards which are mostly bushel rewards.

Another FarmWork which is usually done is to buy/sell the goods with highest level (the highest price) to gain more fuel. So in game we buy the good from our neighbor and sell it for more fuel... If we choose this option the Seeder module will do it instead of us... It will buy and sell the highest priced good for fuel.. All you need for this part is to have coins on your account..

You can buy/sell goods from Neighbors every 23 h..

 SingleFarmActions with Amount

This part you can use for individual actions, like for example if you want to plow only 30 plots, or harvest some specific crop which you already have ready...

  • If All fields are empty your actions are active:
  • If you input   inside the action will be disabled only for this current cycle, and next cycle the field will become empty and the action will be available.. Example:  Plow, Harvest, Plant is disabled for this cycle, combine working

  • If you input -1 the action is disabled until you remove -1...Example: plow, harvest, plant enabled, combine is disabled.

Harvest List will show you all your ready crops on farm. If you want to harvest only one of the crops you need to click on image of it to be inputted in the Harvest List for Harvesting.


 2. Tab Cycle Mode

This tab is mainly for users who have instant grows in their giftboxes, while it will use them to do multiple cycles or 1 time instantgrow harvest!

Inner Cycle Mode = used for many cycles in one, uninterrupted harvest with Instant Grows (for example if you have 10 crops to master, and more then enough grow in your giftbox you can use this mode to harvest them faster)

InstantGrow+Booster Before Harvesting

Module which will allow you to use instant grows, or Bushels from your market stalls or fertilizer from your giftbox.

  • To Prevent Spending of InstantGrows if only 1 crop is planted and etc the option to choose the percentage is added. If i don't want to use IG at my crops i would choose if 100 % of farm crops are not ready, because it will protect me of loosing IG for 1 planted crop on farm....
  • Option is to use Unwither before any other actions. If Unwither is check, it will go before every action chosen.

3. Tab Seeds

Seeder Parameter

How to use AutoPlanter option?

Autoplater option if enabled in your Seedlist will plant all your unmastered seeds, depending on the farm you are running your bot on!

When having autoplant enabled, he is automatically planting the seeds which are for this farm! Depending on the farm he will plant: land, water, terrace seeds!
To enable AutoPlanter option you need to press save+refresh button! Be advised, that all your other seeds settings are being LOST if autoplanter is active!

How this looks in your bot?

If you wish to autoplant only crops which are as world exclusive crops (example in seedlists, with name: hawai, asia, rainforrest and etc.) you can easily enable autoplanter and use button for only crops of that world!

Extra Mastery from statues and bushels is working in autoplant mode as well!
If you have default seed enabled, Autoplant mode will plant it when no unmastered seed found!

This area shows us selections which we can use before we find our seeds to use...

  • For example if we want to see our un-mastered crops (all of them) we would use this parameter: (show seeds for terrain, water and terrace, show un-mastered seeds, show seeds limited by time and show seeds from other worlds)

  • The options are self explantory so everybody can make the selection for what he thinks he needs..
  • IGNORE LIST OF CROPS:  we have included and ignore list of crops, all you need to do is to press the x button by crop you dont want to see anymore in none selections, and while loading selection to press dont show crop from ignore list! Easiest can't be and it dont interfere your work with other seeds..


Note: after you select the parameters to show seeds, you need to press save+refresh button in your settings for your seed list to appear...

Manual entering the seed!

How to Search for Seed:

One easy way to find your seed is to use CTRL+F (search option) and to type the key word what you wish:

  • Example 1: Searching for Hawai World Crop:
  • Example 2: Searching for crop with name: 

How to add a Seed into SeedList

Simple click on picture of the seed and it adds it in Seedlist.

You can also use AUTOFILL BUTTONS

Autofill buttons will allow you to automatically add all your seeds depending on the terrain you wish to plant them!

When clicking checkmark  AutoFill All listed Land, Water, Terrace, seedlist will be automatically generated with all unmastered crops for that terrains!

When clicking checkmark Autofill all listed Land Seeds, seedlists will be automatically generated with all unmastered crops for land terrain!

When clicking checkmark Autofill all listed Water Seeds, seedlists will be automatically generated with all unmastered crops for water terrain.

When clicking checkmark Autofill all listed Terrace Seeds, seedlists will be automatically generated with all unmastered crops for terrace terrain!

ExtraMastery from Bushels and SeedStatue

  • If you check the deduct seed list by mastery, it will deduct the planting by mastery points. "extraMastery" button use a calculation to find the optimized amount of planting seeds to master them...
  • The Bushel Mastery works only for crops which are we harvesting, If no bushel found the module sells one bushels and makes the bushel from harvested crop to be able to give you point for Bushel mastery..

Default seed:

Adding a default seed to your list, means that the SeederModule will plant that seed/crop when your seedlist goes empty.. Why my seedlist goes empty? Seedlist goes empty when we master the seed/crop in the cycle, or we planted the quantity what we have given in task.

The default crop/seed will be planted if there is space on farm to plant it.

It is option not a must. To enable the default crop, all what you need to do is to press the green checkmark in your seedlist and crop will be added to default list for proper terrain.


If you wish to know what seeds you have planted on each farm simply in selections of seeds select: Show button of all planted Seeds and press save+refresh!

The button will appear under the seedlists and when you click on it, you will get actual state of your planted seeds on every farm!


When you set up your Seeds which you want to plow, harvest or plant all you need to do is just run your bot and sit back and watch it manage your crops!