Settings will allow you to optimize your Bot work, as also will help you to use some Preferences of it!

In here you will learn How you will use your Settings (plugin) in your bot.

When we look closely Settings isn't just Bot Settings, It has so much more to work and understand..

  • Header Information

In Header information you can find out information about your Farm, and account!
How many plots you have on farm, or what is storage space, as same as how many cash you have, to quantity of fuel, coins, special points and etc...
If you miss any image in the Header Info, please check you parser and settings and also contact support for giving you direct and correct information.

  • Change Farm and Save Settings

In this tab you control your farm changes, as also you control saving of your changes in Settings.
How to change your farm in bot?
It is very simple. All you need to do is choose your farm on which you wish your bot to work on and press load world.

What do the other buttons mean?

  1. Switch - means switch world in bot cycles.. If this button is active bot will run cycles through each farm, starting from the selected one to all the others. Usually we use switch farm button when we harvest crops through all farms..
  2. Load world - as explained it loads your farm (and allows bot to change your farm in cycle)
  3. Load Settings - you can load settings of each farm separetly if you willing to set up while you work on some other farm.
  4. Save Settings - with this button you save the settings of your work in Settings.
  5. Save+Refresh - you save your settings with this button, plus refresh your data, mostly we use save+refresh button when comes to force loading game files or generating seeds lists.
  6. Switch farm 1 time - this button allows you to run 2 unique cycles.. For example cycle in hawai and after it directly cycle in hlights farm. It is one time switch only!

Now after we fought this part of Settings we will come to Tab Area where the fun part begins...

  • BotSet (Bot Settings tab)

Bot Settings Tab is divided on 5 areas:

  1. Accept Presents From Friends
  2. Update Parser & Settings
  3. General Settings
  4. Ban Protection
  5. Game-files and database

1. Accept Present From Friends

This function will allow you to accept presents send from market to you.. (means cash presents) If you check the button to accept presents your Bot will check every running cycle if you have pending presents and will accept them if they exist. If you do not wish to accept presents via bot, simply un-check this option.

2. Update Parser&Settings

This part of BotSet will allow you to choose the autoupdate of your parser.
First button if checked will automatically check for newer version every 4 hours. If new version of parser&settings is available at the moment, the bot alone will update your version to new.
Second button means for one time update. When new version is released, if using this button it will automatically update your Bot. and will not check for newer versions.. Second button is recommended to use once we are aware that the new version is coming.
Usually the bot alone writes us in RED letters that the new version of P&S is available.

3. General Settings

General Settings of Bot will allow you to set up your bot for work.. while some are recommended from developer, some we can change like we wish and want.

  1. Timezone Settings - Bot has a timezone, meaning we can adjust its time to the time zone we live in.
  2. Bot Speed - it is actual speed for bot to work, recommended settings from developers are 8x speed. if lower your bot will be slower then usual.
  3. Preload World - when you run bot on some farm, and you want after a cycle go to your browser and play, you can choose this option for farm to be loaded in world you wish.. In examples you run bot on your hlights farm and want to play on your home farm.. If you choose preload World, the bot will after cycle finish on hlights farm transfer farm to Home, so you don't need to do it in your browser.
  4. Start Parser - this options means you can only load bot to check if there is any update available.. this button do not run cycles on your farms.
  5. Kill Process After work - When bot is run, it means that it has a process running (phpfarmvillebot.exe) every settings you save, every plugin you run, is a little process inside your bot and system.. With this option active you are optimizing your bot and system work.. It is recommended to use it after work, because it means it will shut down all the current process running for that account and leave the process of other accounts active!
  6. It is not recommended to use Kill Process before work, because your bot will not work!
  7. Splitting object and enabled gzip will help you to better load your farm in bot.. Please use default and recommended settings.

4. Ban protection

Recently for many Bot Farmers, Z' enrolled a stop for bot users.. If they see there is suspicious actions on your Farms (many amf's running in same time.. ) they will give you a ban of farm in timeline manner. First is 2 h, 2nd is 4h, 3rd is 6h and so on... That is the real reason Bot has Ban Protection included to prevent your Farm of being ban of "suspicious action" usage.
Always use recommended settings of Ban Protections.. If you wish to see the Seconds write in log you can check the show seconds button, if you wish not to see the ban protection seconds in your log, simply leave the button unchecked.

5. Game Files and Databases

1. Force load GameFiles - is used to rebuild to new database, mainly is used when some of your plugins have missing items, or no buildings found, or no images! It is important to check this button and press save+refresh button, and run bot with refresh token to your account to rebuild database.
2. 1+ all picture index - this means bot will make new database of gamefiles and rebuild your old images and replace with new! (mainly we use this option if we find some data wrong in our plugins, like pictures are visible but are wrong!
3. This button deletes all your files from bot folder which you need for bot work.. It is complete database rebuild. We use it when in plugins we have completely wrong data like items_friendly_name instead of real name of items, or wrong farm information.. It will delete squilte files, and make new files and backups..

  • FarmDef tab (Farm definition Tab)

The farm definition tab is used to show all your farm details! It autoupdates itself once there is new farm available. If you consider any of the details wrong, you can always use the button to rebuild FarmSet!

  • Plugins Tab

In this tab you manage your plugins and optimize bot work. Always is recommended to have only plugins in your bot which are working, and which you use in your bot work. Many plugins inside can slow down your work, especially if the plugins inside your bot are the ones you do not use, or even patched ones..

You can find your plugins in locations C:\FarmvilleBot_2.1\plugins folder and there you save them when you download them from trusted links.

You are allowed to disable plugins by Bot, Account or by any farm.. When the box is checked that means that the plugin is disabled, when it is unchecked it means plugin is enabled to work!

Here you can also manage your bot pause! Be careful with the settings if you Pause your bot, your bot might not work, so better leave as recommended all buttons unchecked!

  • TabCon - control your tabs

From here you control your additional tabs in your bot Settings. Tabs like Seeder Tool, Animal Harvester, Building Harvester..Accepting regular gifts, information, as same as rewards tabs.
To activate any of the desired tabs you shall check the box of tab your wish to see and press save+refresh button in your Settings. After page is refreshed the tab will show.
Special Tabs, functions:
(click on this to learn more):

BuildingsModule      SeederModule    AnimalModule    Treemodule


This tab will allow you to accept presents from friends from your Message Centre, as also will allow you to accept neighbors help on your farm.
Once activated this tab will always run if you choose the correct settings!


This tab will show you information about your Parser & Settings, what are the versions and what is changed from last version! It is informative tab!

Logs of parser,bot,and amf errors

This tab will show you latest logs of work, or units log!
Units log is log where bot download xml, or shows information it is inital bot log!
LastError and LastErrorBefore is usefull for developers of plugins to investigate the errors of plugins, in order to fix them.
Sometimes the support also asks you for last errors because in there they can find what is making your plugin not work.


Rewards tab will allow you to manage your rewards gained from plugins in bot.
You can delete invisible rewards (unknown links).
Delete all rewards
Show rewards as normal links, or show rewards by short links, depending on the way you wish to share your rewards with friends..

If you by any chance get error in showing rewards (specified path not found) make sure that you have MyRewards folder in C:FarmvilleBot_2.1\plugins  folder)

Information about last new items

This tab will show you information about last new items which we gain when game updates with them. It will also show you information about enhanced (game improvements).

We hope that by this you have learned more about our Settings plugins!
If anything not clear please contact support to provide you with latest information!