When it comes to Bot versions you shall make sure you have the latest ones installed, as same as the latest parser&settings.

How to install Farmville Bot:

There are some basics what you need to know before installation of Farmville Bot...

First of all FarmvilleBot will work on all windows systems, and on Mac (Linux, Ubuntu, Chromebooks) as well!

Make sure if using Windows XP, to have latest SP3 (Service Pack 3 ) For Windows 7.8, Vista, make sure of having latest updates to your system.

First what we need to do is find out which "bit" is your system in order for us to install all necessary programs what you need for your FarmvilleBot to work!

Before installing FarmvilleBot on your MAC system... you will need to create a virtual box (a program which will allow your system run WIN OS programs.. )

One of them is Wine:

How do I find out which is my operating system (32bit or 64bit)?
- click with right mouse button on your Computer Icon, and Click Properties:

In there you will find your system information you need to find this line:

Now when we found out our system information we are ready to install programs which are necessary to run Farmville Bot on your computer and those are:
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft NetFrameWork
  • WinRar or WinZip (to unpack plugins)

If you already have this programs, please make sure you have latest updates of them... If you are installing them fresh here are Links depending on your system!

  • Microsoft Visual C++ (click on image depending on your system to download)

32Bit                                     64Bit


  • Microsoft NetFrameWork (click on image depending on your system to download)

MicroSoft Netframework 4.5 for Win Vista,7,8          

MicroSoft NetFramework for Win Xp (SP3)

  • WinRar or WinZip (to unpack plugins)

Winrar                  WinZip



Now when we made sure you have all the program necessary to install Farmville Bot, all you need to download this archive and unpack to C Drive..
Remember if you drive is some other name then C (where you keep your programs you can always unpack there)

  • FarmvilleBot 2244 with Parser&Settings 22404p5 (click on image to download)

How to Unpack:
1. Open downloaded Archive with any un-packer programs and extract all files to C: Drive (or drive where you wish your bot to be - recommended is C:drive)

The Version you have downloaded has included all related files which your bot needs in order to run, except plugins! Plugins you will need to download after :)

Your First run of Farmville Bot should look like:

1. Open Path farmvillebot_lite.exe from you bot folder!

2.After you opened program, you need to add Facebook account where you play your game in order for it to run on this account:

3. After you added your account you are ready to run your first run of bot! Bot needs to download all game files what are used in order for our plugins work! First run of FarmvilleBot usually takes not more then 30 mins. The Bot is Downloading game files, as same as pictures which we need :)

Look OF XML Load:

Please do not stop your account while you load first run of Bot, because it needs to create all backup-files needed :)

After XML run is complete, Bot will run his first gaming cycle.

You will Get this note:

After This note, please Load your settings and press Save Settings button!
(more about settings - click here)